HRC Work in Progress Morning Teas


Humanities Research Centre
HRC Work in Progress Morning Teas

2024 Works In Progress Seminars

10:15am to 11.15am.
: Baldessin Precinct Building, Level 1

This series showcases the work-in-progress being undertaken by HRC Visiting Fellows and ANU faculty for an audience of engaged interdisciplinary peers. It provides an opportunity for the HRC’s community to gather to listen and provide feedback to researchers in a social environment.

We particularly encourage research students to attend, and privilege questions and comments from junior researchers and staff members. Don’t know anyone? Come a little bit early and we’ll introduce ourselves to you. It is a unique and enjoyable/enriching place to listen and contribute to interdisciplinary scholarship. We can also provide discrete mentoring on effective academic engagement/communication (email

Members of the university and the public are welcome to participate in these seminars.

Past and upcoming HRC WIP Seminars are listed below.

Older seminars are archived here.

Upcoming events

Does Interiority Matter? Experiences of Inner Life

10.15–11.15am 5 Mar 2024

Does Interiority Matter? Experiences of Inner Life There are certain deep-rooted concepts that come to play upon this subject that require to be extrapolated...

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SCENES FROM THE MALL: Exploring the balance between recording history and storytelling in everyday life

10.15–11.15am 12 Mar 2024

SCENES FROM THE MALL: Exploring the balance between recording history and storytelling in everyday life. All portraits are made to be seen in the future....

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Colour, Shape, and Space: Material and Conceptual Spaces through Print Media

10.15–11.15am 19 Mar 2024

Colour, Shape, and Space: Material and Conceptual Spaces through Print Media Berman's work is grounded in earth science and the body. Focusing on colour and...

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Past events

The psychological work of ancient Greek tragedy beyond Oedipus and the individual

27 Feb 2024

Ancient Greek tragedy has long provided potent material for psychoanalysts to use in illuminating how the human mind works and interacts with the world. Yet an...

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NMA-ANU 2024 Summer Scholars & Dr Diana Young - Work in Progress Seminar Special Edition

20 Feb 2024

Join us for a special edition of the HRC Work in Progress Morning Tea series to kick off the 2024 Program. We will hear presentations from our two NMA-ANU...

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Indigenous Cinematics: The Legal Lives of Indigenous Filmmaking in Abiayala/Latin America

14 Nov 2023

In Indigenous film cultures across Abiayala/Latin America, the connection with Law is (at least) threefold: cinema portrays legal doxa, notably concerning...

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Bigotry Australian Style

7 Nov 2023

Bigotry is an endemic feature of Australian life. From the arrival of Europeans in 1788 through to today, intolerance based on an array of grounds including...

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Repatriation at the ANU Classics Museum – ongoing opportunities and challenges

31 Oct 2023

Museums across the globe are grappling with the management of historical collecting practices – and ANU is no exception. This presentation by the Curator of...

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Nationalism, citizenship and social repair: Photography and the East Timorese diaspora

24 Oct 2023

Members of the East Timorese diaspora in Australia took, appeared in and collected photographs of their activities during the campaign for independence from...

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Repairing the Lombok Royal Library: Violence in the Making of Cultural Heritage

17 Oct 2023

Repair of the cultural damage inflicted by colonialism is an increasingly explicit aim of museums, libraries and governments in the 21st century. This project...

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Why write about sex work?

10 Oct 2023

The global sex industry has emerged as one of the most pressing and debated humanitarian concerns of our age. Much of the debate has centred on whether...

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3 Oct 2023

What if there was a never-before-seen, super contemporary format that brings science to life through art and technology, awe and wonder. A funky format that...

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Naming Country again: place names and Aboriginal cultural renewal on Australia’s Southeast Coast

26 Sep 2023

In 2017 Grace Karskens stumbled across a list of 178 Aboriginal place-names for Dyarubbin and Ganangdayi, the Hawkesbury and Macdonald Rivers in New South...

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