HRC Work in Progress Morning Teas


Humanities Research Centre
HRC Work in Progress Morning Teas

2024 Works In Progress Seminars

10:15am to 11.15am.
: Baldessin Precinct Building, Level 4, E4.11

This series showcases the work-in-progress being undertaken by HRC Visiting Fellows and ANU faculty for an audience of engaged interdisciplinary peers. It provides an opportunity for the HRC’s community to gather to listen and provide feedback to researchers in a social environment.

We particularly encourage research students to attend, and privilege questions and comments from junior researchers and staff members. Don’t know anyone? Come a little bit early and we’ll introduce ourselves to you. It is a unique and enjoyable/enriching place to listen and contribute to interdisciplinary scholarship. We can also provide discrete mentoring on effective academic engagement/communication (email

Members of the university and the public are welcome to participate in these seminars.

Past and upcoming HRC WIP Seminars are listed below.

Older seminars are archived here.

Upcoming events

Roman Diversity and the Classical Archive: Nine Muses of Critical Fabulation

10.15–11.15am 18 Jun 2024

We’ve all heard about the nine Muses: the daughters of Memory (Mnemosyne) and Power (Zeus, the king of the gods) who preside over ancient Greco-Roman...

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Exploring Digital Youth Activism on The Indigenous Voice to Parliament

10.15–11.15am 25 Jun 2024

The Indigenous Voice to Parliament marked a pivotal moment in Australia's political landscape. The referendum aimed to provide a formal mechanism for...

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Past events

(Re)Assembling Museological Diversity

11 Jun 2024

(Re)Assembling Museological Diversity In this talk, Christina Kreps describes a collaborative project devoted to researching, assembling, archiving, and...

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Suddenness and the Composition of Poetic Thought

4 Jun 2024

‘I believe many a great speaker to have been ignorant when he opened his mouth of what he was going to say.’ So poet and dramatist Heinrich von Kleist notes,...

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Anna Trapnel Forever: Life Writing and the Risk of Eternity

21 May 2024

This paper considers the representation of ‘relative time’ in the apocalyptic work of Anna Trapnel. Trapnel believes that she is living through the ‘fifth...

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‘The Future of Our Past’ ~ Memory Activism and the Feminist Temporalities of International Women’s Year 1975

14 May 2024

Rising from the ashes of patriarchally induced historical amnesia, feminist history is now delivered to us in discontinuous ‘chunks’ of activist time or...

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Mural Art for Outreach at UC

7 May 2024

Mural art for outreach at UC This casual chat will present our public art project, called Creative Encounter. As the name suggests, we are curious about the...

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Australian Politics: A Memoir

30 Apr 2024

Kim Huynh needs your help. He has a passion for storytelling and has come up with the title and cover for a book, but doesn’t know how to fill it. At this...

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Beautiful Weeds: Unravelling Perceptions of Invasive Plants

23 Apr 2024

Who gets to decide if a plant is “native” or a “weed”? The term 'weed' is not a botanical classification; weeds are just plants. The ways in which we interact...

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Images in context: national photography exhibitions as sites of cross-disciplinary research

16 Apr 2024

Images in context: national photography exhibitions as sites of cross-disciplinary research I explore the interpretation and exhibition of photographs drawn...

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Pedagogies of truth: truth-telling, seeking, and listening in Australia

26 Mar 2024

Does Australia have a listening problem? Since colonial occupation, Indigenous people have consistently and publicly articulated truths about settler...

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Colour, Shape, and Space: Material and Conceptual Spaces through Print Media

19 Mar 2024

Colour, Shape, and Space: Material and Conceptual Spaces through Print Media Berman's work is grounded in earth science and the body. Focusing on colour and...

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