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HRC Seminar Series

HRC Visiting Fellows, whilst at the Centre, participate in the Centre’s programs and meet regularly with other fellows to make a public presentation of their research. Throughout COVID-19, however, the Humanities Research Centre will be holding its seminar series online and has asked its Friends and Affiliates to contribute.

Members of the University and the general public are welcome to participate in these Zoom seminars, and we encourage all students to join us, and tutors to advise their students of this opportunity. Normally, they would be followed by informal discussion and light refreshments but that will have to wait until we have a vaccine.

Each seminar is held at 4.30pm on a Tuesday (unless otherwise indicated).

Semester 2 2020




6 October

Prof Tony Bennett (Western Sydney University and ANU)

Habit's Pathways: Repetition, Power, Conduct

13 October


20 October

Prof Penny Russell (University of Sydney)


Prof Bill Gammage (ANU)

Seeking Elizabeth Sims: Gender, opportunity and risk in an emigration story


1788 Fire and 2020 Vision

27 October Prof Randall Stevenson (University of Edinburgh) Comets, Dynasts, Immensities: Thomas Hardy, Space and Time, 1880-1930
3 November Prof Angela Woollacott (ANU) Don Dunstan’s Political Legacy Now: Political Leadership and Reactions to Don Dunstan: The visionary politician who changed Australia
10 November PANEL: Prof Dean Kotlowski (Salisbury University, Maryland US) US ELECTION DEBRIEF
  Assoc Prof Jana von Stein (ANU)  

Prof Zoe Robinson (ANU)


Assoc Prof Tim Lynch (University of Melbourne)



Past events

HRC Seminar: The Power and the Glory: The US Presidential Election 2020

10 Nov 2020

  Every US presidential election looms as decisive for the future of the nation's well being and for geopolitical stability and predictability. Why does this...

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HRC SEMINAR: Don Dunstan's Political Legacy Now

3 Nov 2020

Political leadership was a focal point of public discussion in Australia early this year, and it has resurfaced again lately. In August last year, Angela...

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HRC Seminar: Comets, Dynasts, Immensities: Thomas Hardy, Space and Time, 1880-1930

27 Oct 2020

  In this lecture, Prof Stevenson will explore ways that the bright comet of 1881, one of several Thomas Hardy might have witnessed, encouraged interests in...

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HRC Seminar: 1788 Fire and 2020 Vision

20 Oct 2020

This talk looks at how we confront fire today, how people confronted it in 1788, and what we might learn from the contrast. Bill Gammage, AM, is Adjunct...

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Seeking Elizabeth Sims: Gender, opportunity and risk in an emigration story

13 Oct 2020

For women of the vulnerable ‘middling sort’ in nineteenth-century England and Australia, family was the first defence against destitution or ruin. But the net...

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Seminar: Habit's Pathways: Repetition, Power, Conduct

6 Oct 2020

How are we to understand the political roles that habit has played in the exercise of different forms of power? I develop two lines of argument in relation to...

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CANCELLED Settler Colonial Liberalism and the Effect of Sovereignty: Notes from Nineteenth-Century Victoria

24 Mar 2020

ABOUT THE LECTURE In normative theories and histories of liberalism both, the question of sovereignty is usually understood to precede determinations of...

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CANCELLED HRC Seminar: Atmospheric

17 Mar 2020

  ABOUT THE LECTURE We speak, perhaps more often than we realize, of the “atmosphere” of an artwork. Unlike “sfumato,” “tierce de Picardie,” or “free...

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Writing Liberalism in Russia's Obituary?

10 Mar 2020

HRC SEMINAR It is frequently assumed that liberalism had a short-lived springtime in 19th century Russia as an integral aspect of the thought of a remarkable...

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A Quaker-Chartist, free trader and Australian Liberal: the free-thinking career of Joseph ‘Coffee’ Jones, 1824–87

3 Mar 2020

  HRC SEMINAR  Among the unsung figures of Australia’s Liberal political history, Joseph Jones (1824–1887), a Welsh Quaker emigrant, does not figure highly....

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