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HRC Seminar Series

HRC Visiting Fellows, whilst at the Centre, participate in the Centre’s programs and meet regularly with other fellows to make a public presentation of their research.

Members of the University and the general public are welcome to attend seminars for free. They are followed by informal discussion and light refreshments, and we encourage all students to attend and for tutors to advise their students of this opportunity.

Each seminar is held at 4.30pm in the Theatrette (unless otherwise indicated), on the 2nd floor (entry level) of the Sir Roland Wilson Building.

Semester 1 2019




15 February

Em Prof Gilli Bush-Bailey (University of London)

Memory, Screens and Reflections

5 March

Em Prof Jay Winter

(Yale University)

Silences of the Great War: All the Things We Cannot Hear

12 March

Assoc Prof Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides

(Maquarie University)

Latin Panegyric XII(9) and the Politics of New Jerusalem under Constantine the Great

19 March

Prof Eckart Altenmüller

(Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media)

Making Music as a Model for Brain Plasticity

26 March

Assoc Prof Cynthia Chris

(City University of New York)

A Cinema of Environmental Crisis: Virtual Life in the Sixth Extinction

16 April

Em Prof Neville Kirk

(Manchester Metropolitan University)

Modern Britain in Crisis

7 May

Dr Jeremy Simpson

(University of Sydney)

Kabul 2018: twenty-five responses to 'crisis'

14 May

Dr Jordana Silverstein

(University of Melbourne)

‘A shock through the system’: Histories of crisis in Australian child refugee policy

21 May

Prof Jennifer Rutherford

(University of Adelaide)

“If only it were just a crisis”: Life-writing in troubled times

28 May

Dr Justin Tyler Clark

(Nanyang Technological University)

The Crisis of the Present in the American Cultural Imagination

Semester 2




16 July

Dr Stuart Christie

(Hong Kong Baptist University)


30 July

Dr Gabriel Tusinski

(Singapore University of Technology and Design)

This is (not) Crisis: Chronotope, Crisis Narration, and the Metapragmatics of Historical Time

6 August

Dr Alison Searle

(University of Leeds)

Revolutionary Crisis, Richard Baxter and Pastoral Care

13 August

Dr Gordon Pentland

(University of Edinburgh)

Assassinations and Assassination Attempts in the Nineteenth-Century British World

20 August

Prof Chris Whitehead

(Newcastle University)

Heritage as a Measure of Crisis

27 August

Dr Sarah Moore

(University of Bath)

Crisis Diverted: A Sociological Study of the Handling of Public Crises​​​​​​​

10 September

Dr Joseph Hardwick

(Northumbria University)

Communities of Prayer and Environmental Crisis in Australia and the British Empire, 1829-1919​​​​​​​

17 September

Prof Stephen Bygrave

(University of Southampton)

Enlightenment as Crisis: Disciplines and Reactions, 1750-1815​​​​​​​

1 October

RSHA Internal Fellow


8 October

Prof Jay Winter

(Yale University)


15 October

Assoc Prof Nikki Hessell

(Victoria University of Wellington)

Indigenous Diplomacy and British Romanticism During the Removal Crisis​​​​​​​

23 October

Dr Maria Boletsi

(Leiden University)

Political Philology As A Challenge to Crisis-Rhetoric: Alternative ‘Grammars’ in Radical Imaginaries Emerging through Crisis

30 October

Prof Martin Hewitt

(Anglia Ruskin University)

Darwinism’s Generations: Responding to Evolution, 1859-1909​​​​​​​

Past events

Mental Speed and the Crisis of Mass Communication in the Early 20th-Century United States

28 May 2019

Long before the invention of the 24/7 news cycle, interwar social critics warned that the speed of mass media, especially its new broadcast varieties,...

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Hunters and Collectors

21 May 2019

Life writing is particularly attuned to writing the uncanny and the improbable. Parsing the indecipherable elements of a life are its forte, as is its focus on...

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‘A Shock Through the System’: Histories of Crisis in Australian Child Refugee Policy

14 May 2019

This paper will explore how ‘crises’ around refugee and asylum-seeking children have been repeatedly produced and mobilised as an art and technique of...

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Kabul 2018: Twenty-five Responses to 'Crisis'

7 May 2019

Afghanistan is often largely forgotten now that international geo-strategic attention has moved elsewhere, but 2018 saw some of the highest incidences of...

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Modern Britain in Crisis

16 Apr 2019

This paper provides an overview of my current research project- a book-length study of modern Britain in crisis. The paper begins with a brief definition of...

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A Cinema of Environmental Crisis: Virtual Life in the Sixth Extinction

26 Mar 2019

The cinematic response to environmental crises of the late 20th and early 21st centuries has been marked by a turn to digital visual effects technologies (VFX...

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Making Music as a Model for Brain Plasticity

19 Mar 2019

Sensory-motor skills of musicians have some specific qualities: learning begins at an early age in a playful atmosphere. Routines for stereotyped movements are...

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Latin Panegyric XII(9) and the Politics of New Jerusalem under Constantine the Great

12 Mar 2019

Taking start from the recent controversy of naming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the paper focuses on the employment of New Jerusalem in the rhetoric of...

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Silences of the Great War: All the Things We Cannot Hear

5 Mar 2019

The auditory history of the First World War has never been written.  There are studies of songs and composers, of cabaret and opera, but the sound of the world...

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Memory, Screens and Reflections

15 Feb 2019

Memory, screens and reflections, is the last in a series of performed lectures I have been developing over the past six years in and around my research on...

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